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Sylnta in the food and health care industry: benefiting mankind and the earth.

Sylnta in the food and health care industry: benefiting mankind and the earth


Sylnta is the world's leading producer of vitamins, carotenoids, spirulina, artemisinin and other health care foods, and is mainly supplied to the food and health care industry. Sylnta advanced ingredients for the world famous food and health care products made great contribution to the success of the brand, Sylnta through market and application of knowledge, technology, and long-term experience achieved this goal, all contribute to the solution of the to provide excellent value.

As consumer demand improves, manufacturers need to react quickly and provide multilevel products. For example, most people want to get healthier food from sustainable sources without sacrificing convenience and taste. In fact, although we believe that the food we eat are healthy, the fact is not as we imagine... Ninety-nine percent of food is not nutritious enough.

Provide nutrition for the world

People in developed countries are increasingly suffering from excessive consumption and unhealthy eating habits. To this end, Sylnta offers a variety of beneficial products, such as Spirulina, a safe and effective dietary supplement that helps people control their weight. Lycopene, also known as Lycopene, is a natural, safe and effective compound that helps people maintain cardiovascular health. For allergic people, such as lactose intolerance, Sylnta lactase can provide delicious, healthy, low lactose or lactose-free dairy products.

On the other hand, malnourished people still abound. Sylnta will work with the United Nations world food program to fight hidden hunger.

As far as Sylnta’s business field is concerned, Sylnta is one of the world's most professional producers of vitamins and dietary supplements. For individuals, it means that your breakfast cereal is likely to contain our vitamins, so as infant formula and toddler food. In fact, we have developed many healthy products and processes, including dairy products, juice, nutrition bars and sports drinks. We are also committed to healthier, more nutritious food fortification projects.


Sustainable food production

Sylnta owns abundant varieties of enzyme preparation products. By accelerating the chemical reactions in the process of production, reducing the use of raw material, waste and energy consumption, we can help manufacturers of food and health care products achieve more efficient and sustainable production. By taking good advantage of enzyme preparations, manufacturers can produce more delicious food and more effective health care products for the benefit of mankind and the earth, making themselves more profitable.

Green biotechnology

Sylnta is increasingly use active cells and active cell enzymes, producing industrial products with renewable raw materials and reducing the use of non-renewable materials. Therefore, the energy consumption in the production process is reduced, so do the waste. More importantly, the quality of the products produced in this way is superior to those produced by traditional chemical methods.