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Animal nutrition & healthcare
Sylnta in the field of animal nutrition and health care : high quality food comes from high-qualified nutrition and sound health care systems.

Sylnta in the field of animal nutrition and health care : high quality food comes from high-qualified nutrition and sound health care systems

Sylnta has played a unique role in the field of animal nutrition from poultry, aquaculture, pigs, ruminants and pets. We provide high quality animal health care products and animal fodder additives to produce healthier meat, eggs and milk with higher quality.

In fast-growing economies, population growth has increased meat consumption and demands for healthier diets and animal welfare... These are just a few of the many factors for us to change animal health care research. High-qualified fodder and health care systems has promoted the development of animal husbandry, raised the income of farmers, and ultimately ensured the safety and health of food for consumers.


As a professional global animal nutrition company, we have unique capabilities to meet these challenges. Sylnta can also produce and develop fodder additives and animal health drugs which have high performance . It means that we can not only guarantee the quality, reliability, and safety of raw materials from its origin, but also meet the needs of the sustainable development of animal husbandry.


1.  Multivitamins and amino acids

2.  Ceftiofur

3.  Levofloxacin

4.  Florfenicol

5.  Ivermectin

6.  Fumaric acid tiamulin

7.  Tyvacin tartrate