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Start from Human Beings


Human beings play a fundamental role for sustainable development. That means in order to help mankind, we need to cultivate individuals who agree with our values. This goal can be achieved through providing more innovative, greener products that can improve life quality and basic nutrients that sustain life, and through researching and developing life-saving products, etc.  

Each of us hopes to make contributions, and every staff in Sylnta does contribute to make a difference to life of billions.


Colorful and Wonderful Life


Our sustainable development solution benefits mankind

In accordance with its new strategy of “focusing on the goal and forging ahead with determination”, Sylnta adopts new human resource core strategy. New strategic elements include talent management, leadership development and performance management. And further cultural reform program will be carried out, underpinning above elements. In this way, Sylnta will exercise a career management program(including plan for successor and performance evaluation) as well as applied leadership model. And staff of Sylnta will be able to realize self-development through training and mentor program.

Sylnta aims to achieve veritable business globalization, which means the Organization will cater more for principal markets and local customers, consolidate local business and encourage diversity as well as innovation. Sylnta boasts a quite strong regional foundation frame. The Group board of directors also takes explicit responsibility for regional business growth. Sylnta’s Human resource strategy is in a position to support the globalization goal.


“One Sylnta” Culture

In 2015, Sylnta has upgraded its previous cultural reform to “One Sylnta” cultural program. With simpler theme, the program accords more with Sylnta’s business environment and strategy, as well as its globalization plan. Through “One Sylnta” cultural program, Sylnta is creating a corporate culture that is indispensable to reaching ambitious goals and dealing with global challenges, so as to make itself a well-performed organization. This program includes four themes, which are external orientation, responsibility for performance, efficient cooperation, inclusiveness and diversity. Accelerated development of above activities across the whole Sylnta Organization will help to improve the corporate flexibility. Thus the Organization will better adapt to rapid changes of external business environment.


External Orientation

At Sylnta, we strongly believe that, to carry out business growth strategy and make a quick respond to changing customer and industry demands, our staff must deal with assorted challenges from the external world. This includes not only anticipation of customer demands, awareness of market trend for promotion of marketing and sales, realization of innovation, but also following, learning and exercising best practice. All functional departments should, with no exception, abide by this principle. At the same time, for external orientation, Sylnta must expand its shareholder networks and carry out deep cooperation with other groups.


Responsibility for Performance

At Sylnta, we hope our staff to set ambitious goals and realize them independently. “Responsibility for performance” means that everyone is responsible for their own behavior as well as performance of their team. For another, the Group needs to encourage and reward excellent performance. “Responsibility for performance” also refers to that the individual and the collective have a chance to learn from mistakes when problems are revealed.


Efficient Cooperation

At Sylnta, we deem that cooperation has emerged as a crucial competitive advantage in this highly connected world. In this sense, Sylnta staff need to share ideas, information, knowledge and expertise with each other and be adept in communicating with the external world. With enhanced cooperation, Sylnta’s ever-expanding talent pool will form a synergy, leveraging on advantages of organization model of respective business groups, functions and areas. Apart from promoting cooperation, Sylnta should make their decision making and implementation more efficient, and shape “One Sylnta” culture as soon as possible, under which every staff can trust their colleagues. Thus a sense of collectivity is shaped, and that is what we call “One Sylnta” culture.


Inclusiveness and Diversity

At Sylnta, we believe that an inclusive culture that seeks for common grounds while reserving differences is helpful in building a more diversified team. This will help Sylnta to be an organization with better performance, realizing its business and strategic goals, especially in further internationalization, innovation and sustainable development. A more balanced leader team (including balance in gender, nationality and background, etc) is conducive to improve its decision-making procedure so as to implement Sylnta’s strategy in a better manner. Meanwhile, improvement of inclusiveness and diversity entails thorough thinking as well as complete agreement on Sylnta’s common corporate values.