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Profit Model

For Sylnta, profits and responsibilities cannot be separated. Our goal is to find commercially feasible solutions which is professional, unique and sustainable for world major issues. This means that we should speed up innovation, develop new materials, create sustainable business pattern, pay more attention to the developing economies. In a word, we still have a long way to go.

The core of our efforts to pursue common value and sustainable profits is to seize the world broad trend and deal with challenges in this trend.

Of course, this requires that we should review our manners: we should get in touch with most members in the value chain, like customers, private and public organizations.

We like to share our ideas with our stakeholders more than ever. For example, we deepen our understanding of challenges by open innovation programs. All these will maintain our leadership in the health, material and nutrition sectors.


Business Mode in Sustainability

The production department of Sylnta works to achieve sustainable development though the Excellency and the professional networks upgrade. The Excellency, of its nature, aims to help Sylnta collect world accessible production expertise, develop shared solutions, and deal with any problems in the company.

The Advanced Production, one of the program in the Excellency, is an inter-business program run by operation department, responsibility department and other departments in Sylnta. With the Advanced Production program, Sylnta has saved a large operation cost. The goal of the Advanced Production includes two perspectives, the earth and profits. To reduce carbon footprint and achieve win-win outcomes, we  cut energy and material consumption, reduce waste emission. Specifically, we optimize the operation of our factories, process techniques and sustainability.