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At Sylnta, business activities are carried out by many business groups, representing relevant products/market portfolios respectively. The business group director reports directly to the board of directors.

Nutrition and Healthcare

Nutrition businesses include food and health products department and animal health products department. Nutrition and food ingredients business caters for food, fodder, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. All businesses are established based on deep understanding to customers/market demands.  With customized ingredient production in 20 sites across the world and a sale network reaching over 50 regions and countries, Sylnta is in a position to keep in close touch with its customers, which is decisive to our success. Based on application of know-how and innovation, our technology expertise has taken shape, helping to provide products and services in accordance with the market demands, thus generating more benefits. Nutrition businesses apply multiple technologies, with the help of Sylnta’s strength in bio-technology(including fermentation technology), chemical processing technology and particulate technology.

As one of the largest producers of nutrition additives in the world, Sylnata takes the lead in the following markets: animal and human nutrition, medical care and personal health care ingredients.

Personal Care

As a supplier for specialized efficacy compositions in global personal care markrt, Sylnta has developed a series of technologies including botanic extraction, fermentation, synthesis and biological targeting. While increasing products safety, quality and reliability, Sylnta also goes ahead with innovative efforts on effective ingredients, the efficacy of which has been proven to maximize the competitive advantage for customers.


Combining its expertise in the field of material science and life science, Sylnta has gained advantage over its competitors in biomedical materials. The biomedical products developed by Synlta can safely adapt to body functions for a long time. Our polyurethane materials have been validated to have significant durability and thus prolong the lifespan of implanted organs. Meanwhile, this material posesses the biocompatibility and biological stability which ensures its safe operation in human body in the longterm.

Human beings never stop seeking a better, safer, and more effective treatment. Therefore, Sylnta never stop researching and development of absorbable materials, which can be used in the local implantable Drug Delivery System (DDS). Systems using this kind of material can provide accurate dose of medicine in a long term and can meet body’s specific needs to achieve a better way of treatment, such as treatments in pain management, treatments for acute or chronic diseases.

Sylnta provide abundant medical active components and ingredients, the usage of which including medical care, diagnostic reagent, medicine active components and ingredients as well as plastics. We offer our customers cooperation or customized order. In addition, we also produce and sell various kinds of customized agents and active components according to the needs of our customers.

Emerging business field

Our emerging businesses field provides a strong and long-term developing platform. The future branch of Sylnta combines the existing capacity of Nutriology, Life Science and Material Science.