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The mission of Sylnta is to create a better and healthier life for us and our generations, and it has gotten the support from Sylnta’s core value, which refers to that everything we do should be conducive to the building of a world with more sustainability. For the new strategy, “focusing on the goal and forging ahead”, Sylnta has set the sustainability goal for the next stage: the pursuit of sustainability, once serving as the company's values and as a responsibility for making contribution to society, now turns into a driving force for business growth.

The so-called "sustainability", in Sylnta's view, refers to meeting the needs of contemporary people without compromising the interests of future generations. This is a definition published by the World Commission on Environment and Development (commonly known as the United Nations Environment Commission or the Brundtland Commission) in 1987 and now has been widely accepted. Like the committee, Sylnta believes that achieving sustainability means pursuing a balanced development of social responsibility, environmental protection and economic benefits´╝înamely, creating value at the same time in three aspects: people, planet and profit.


People, Planet, Profits

For Sylnta, the activities for sustainability mainly cover three aspects:

· People: Improving people’s living standard by Sylnta’s activities and  innovations(People+)

· Planet: Reducing the impact on environment of Sylnta’s activities, products and innovations(Eco+)

· Profits´╝ÜPutting efforts on carrying out profit-making business that creates value for Sylnta’s stakeholders while fulfilling the goal and providing solutions to meet the needs of global community.


Sylnta will use its continuous internationalization and diversification trend to enhance "Eco +" innovation and achieve the sales goal of "Eco+" in 2018. In addition, we will work jointly with suppliers to improve the overall ecological footprints of its value chain.

The "profit" goal of Sylnta is to transform innovation and sustainability solutions into businesses that meet new demands and have strong value creation capabilities. The businesses of which include developing cleaner and greener technologies, products targeting high-growth economies and adopting sustainability as a standard for M&A and cooperation.