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Follow your own path, and we will be your guide

Join in Sylnta, your professional achievements will be far above the industry level. We promise that our employees will learn new skills, expand horizon and exert potentials.

Some companies tend to teach staff a lot rules and regulations. While Sylnta’s way is different. Take the newly entered graduates for example, from the first day of their joining, they become an essential part of our group and they can express their ideas and have influence on the company.

Employees are not alone in the fight. Company will support them by making comprehensive career management plan (Sylnta business school), which can support them effectively and let them decide their own career development at the same time. This plan also provides them with transferrable skills. The company will review and evaluate employee’s progress twice a year to make short-term or long-term plans for their future development.

Your personal employment market

As a competent company, Sylnta has many opportunities. We support internal hiring, Sylnta global internal vacancy system can help every employee find jobs that are compatible with their majors or beyond that. In this way, every employee will become excellent expert with both extensive knowledge and abundant experiences.