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Managing sustainability

The Management of Sustainability: Balance

We need to pool strengths from all walks of life to strike a balance between sustainability, human, environment, economy and society. Therefore, it is important to manage networks of sustainability. Our goal is to protect the environment of the earth, the peace of the wold, and to promote the sustainability of Sylnta. To achieve this, Sylnta is committed to the management of sustainability, employing good staff, partners and software.


The Establishment of Sustainable Supply Chain

Our business is in a complex world which is made up of suppliers, customers and distributors. So when we make efforts to improve the environment, we should not only to pay attention to our activities, but also to the behaviour of the whole value chain including all partners.


People, Planet and Profits

The more efforts we make to improve the performance in People, Planet and Profits, the more likely we can help others to create a splendid future. And this is why we have close cooperation with suppliers.


Expectations for Suppliers

Our ideas also cover electricity. The corporation with suppliers can reduce our carbon footprint. So we corporate with efficient coal-fired plant and use renewable sources.


Our expectations for suppliers:

Business pledges: suppliers should share one strategy with Sylnta, such as effective resources allocation, innovation, reduction of price and cost.

Supply Security: suppliers should have a punctual delivery and a support system of supply.

sustainability: suppliers should obey The Code of Conduct for Suppliers in The Code of Business Conduct of Sylnta.


Partners for Sustainability

When we choose or evaluate partners, we will see their performances in security, health and environment management and sustainability. Then, we will work together to improve our performances.